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Blue Moon Home Builders | Expertise, Craftsmanship, Precision, Ingenuity



The Craft

Of Home Building

Blue Moon Home Builders is the culmination of more than 30 years experience in the craft of home building – from frame carpentry, steel fabrication and project management to design consultancy and contractor of record. Our handcrafted legacy includes more than 200 custom-built dream homes.

About Us






Blue Moon Home Builders

Exceptional Custom Homes

Every home we create is an original, with its own unique story, design and challenges. We excel at finding optimal solutions to problems inherent in the custom building process.

Our home builders are on-site, best-in-class, hands-on craftsmen. We chose this work because we love it, because to us, there is nothing more satisfying than turning your vision into reality, into your dream home.



We Are


Blue Moon Home Builders are fully invested in the work we do. That means we dedicate ourselves to your project from the first conversation through completion. It means exceptional service and support. It means we roll up our sleeves, pull out our saws, and perform much of the work ourselves.

Our talented crew of carpenters has honed our impeccable quality standards for over 20 years. We demand the best so that you can have the best.


Blue Moon Home Builders

Blue Moon Home Builders Work

Blue Moon Home Builders Work

Blue Moon Custom Homes

Final Stage

Depth & Breadth

of Experience